The first of its kind, the pork expo 2017 was held from 24th to 25th June 2017 in Mandela National Stadium – Nambole. The event attracted over 5000 participants who interacted with different exhibitors, joined the training and a majority who relished different pork dishes. The pork expo showcased innovations along the pig value chain including; value addition techniques of pork, a variety of pork dishes, feed additives, non conventional feed sources, specialized pig feeds, farm equipment, genetics, etc together with a training in commercial piggery at the same time sensitizing the general public about African swine fever.

The pork expo 2017 aimed at fulfilling three main objectives and these included;

  • Creating linkages between farmers & other pig value chain actors.
  • Disseminating new technologies and innovations that increase production & marketing efficiency.
  • To unveil opportunities in of pork value addition to the pig value chain actors
  • The event was sponsored by; Devenish Nutrition Uganda – a manufacturer of specialized pig feeds in Uganda including Sow and weaner, Grower, Fattener, Lactating meal anad others. Big Dutch – a manufacturer of pig farm equipment, Buganda Broadcasting Services – a local television channel, AVSI Foundation – a non government organization skilling youth for employment in agriculture, VITALAC a feed company and KBAgro an agricultural consultancy company from the Netherlands.

    The pork expo 2017 featured mainly three activities;


    An Exhibition of different products and services used in pig farming. These included pig farm equipment by both Breeds Feeds and Meats Uganda Limited and Big Dutchman, pig feeds by Devenish Nutrition, Vitalac and Novus International, Farm management apps by Lacel technologies and others.


    There was training on commercial pig farming and pork value addition conducted from one of the stadium halls and facilitated by both local and international pig experts.

    Pork Dishes

    The pork expo unveiled different pork recipes to the participants. This aimed at increasing the popularity of pork meat in Hotels and other pork eating places. The participants had a chance of testing different pork dishes prepared by a team of very experienced chefs led by Food Network’s Mark Kaheru.