Pig value chain players come together to showcase products and services necessary to run a commercial pig farm successfully. Several products and services in pig farming showcased for the benefit of the pig farmers, manufacturers and distributors,and is aimed at linking all these players in the pig farming business.

What to Exhibit

Exhibitors from the following nodes of the pig value chain will be available at the Pork Expo Africa 2018.

- Feeds & Supplements
- Drugs
- Breeds/Genetics
- Equipment
- Pork processor
- Crops
- Farm management software
- Research
- Technology
- Farm support services

Why the Exhibition?

- Networking with other pig value chain actors
- Understanding economical but efficient use of different farm inputs, products and services
- Locating manufacturers and distributors for future access to farm products and services
- Learning new but necessary farm inputs, products and services
- Free advisory services from different exhibitors
- Learning new technologies necessary for effective farm management
- Sharing experience with other farmers and exhibitors - Live pig show

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Join over 100 other exhibitors and network with major players in the industry.